breastfeeding weaning class

This class is designed for mothers who are preparing to return to work and wean from breastfeeding. It will cover the steps you can take to prepare for returning to work, strategies for maintaining your milk supply while pumping at work, and tips for weaning from breastfeeding in a way that is gentle and comfortable for you and your baby. The class will also offer guidance on how to balance the demands of work and parenting, and how to find support if you need it.

Class Details:

•Introduction to returning to work and weaning from breastfeeding

•Preparing to return to work: communicating with your employer, finding a private and comfortable space to pump, bringing the necessary equipment, and planning ahead and pumping frequently

•Weaning from breastfeeding: starting gradually, introducing bottle feeding and solid foods, managing any discomfort or challenges, and being patient and flexible

•Tips for success: organizing and delegating household tasks, setting boundaries with coworkers and family, finding time for self-care, and seeking support if needed

•Conclusion and final thoughts

Date: 02/18/2023 at 10am
Location: The Mommy Center
25401 Cabot Road, Suite 105/106
(Building 5 – across from World Market)
Laguna Hills, CA
Investment: $35

About Ashley Shapiro, IBCLC and Postpartum RN and L&D Nurse:

My love for lactation started in 2018 when I personally went through breastfeeding challenges with my daughter. I struggled through 6 weeks of breastfeeding issues, my baby also had a lip tie and tongue tie, which was a huge learning curve on how to navigate as a first time mom. I obtained my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) credential from The University of California San Diego.  What makes me unique is that I have my Bachelors of Science in Nursing!  I have experience working as a Postpartum RN (Registered Nurse) on the Mother Baby Unit and a Baby Nurse on Labor and Delivery.

No two families are the same, and each baby is different; Whether you have preconceived ideas related to breastfeeding, or a previous unpleasant feeding journey, I will work closely with you to help overcome those challenges and reach your desired feeding goals. My purpose is to create an overall positive feeding experience by creating a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental environment for you and your infant. Whether you plan to breastfeed, formula feed, or combination feed, I want to support you!


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