Stay & Play Support Group

Make Mom Friends
Have a safe space to share
Let your baby play in a safe space

Are you looking to connect with other moms? Would you like your baby to have a safe space to play while you chat with other moms? Then join our Stay & Play Support Group!
This is an unstructured play group that is facilitated by a mommy & me educator who will start the play group with a short intro and a check-in of joys & challenges followed by free play and conversation.  Moms get the chance to connect with other moms while the littles get to play. 

This group is held twice a month and is organized by:
-> Babies under 1 year
-> Babies 1-2 years old

Group Dates:
9/27/22 at 11:15 am Babies under 1 year
10/4/22 at 11:15 am Babies 1-2 years old
10/11/22 at 11:15 am Babies under 1 year

$15 per group

Group is held at The Mommy Center Studio
25401 Cabot Road, Suite 105/106
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


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