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Connect with moms who are going through the same things as you – moms who just had a baby, are exhausted, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, excited, happy, sad, angry, confused, annoyed, and thrilled to find their mom tribe.

Join us for Moms’ Night Out, Moms’ Retreats, Playdates and more. Our regularly scheduled Moms’ Events range from Macrame Craft Night, to dinner & drinks, beach days, exercise classes, spa nights, crafting nights and day trips to other cities. 

Check out our calendar below for our upcoming social events and activities. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Moms' Night Out

Get a break from feeding, cleaning up, rocking, and constantly doing something – come and join other moms for a drink/dinner or a fun night out. 


While the littles play, mommies can relax and chat while watching their babies. This is great for the kids’ social skill development and moms’ sanity. 

Moms' Retreat

Us moms work so hard, so we deserve a break. Join other moms on a retreat where you can reconnect with yourself, get a break, and take care of you with a hike, yoga, meditations and dancing. 

Parents' Night Out

Get your hubby and join other couples in having some kid-free fun. Grabbing some drinks, a game night or a dinner is more fun with friends. 


Mommies Chat

Monthly Coffee Meet Up
Join our monthly coffee chat to meet other mommies and babies. Grab some coffee, tea or juice and share the joys and challenges of motherhood with fellow mamas.
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Stay & Play

Monthly Playdate
Join our monthly playdate at the park. Bring your littles to play and meet other mommies and babies. This is the perfect time to chat and watch your babies explore.
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We host monthly events including play dates, moms nights, family play dates, field trips and much more. All of our events are listen on our Facebook page under events. Please RSVP on Facebook if you’d like to join an event. 

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