Coregulated Parenting Class (4 week series)


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  • Do you feel like every day is a struggle with your little one? Is everything turning into a fight (e.g. dressing, meal time, transitions)? Does your child hit/scream/whine? Get the tools you need to stop these problems by addressing the root cause of it: children want to be in control and their brains aren’t fully developed yet. Coregulated Parenting will teach you the tools so that parenting feels more manageable where you can focus on your relationship with your child, rather than the issues you’re having. This class is designed for both parents to learn so you both can support your child.

What is this class about?

  • Child Development Led Parenting, with focus on brain development, self and co regulation, logical boundaries and consequences and co parenting with your spouse (as well as navigating relationships with in laws, etc).
  • Trying to reduce the weight of the “default” or primary parent by making you and your partner a team.
  • A deeper understand of where your children are coming from
  • Help reframing behaviors
  • Understand the root of issues
  • Tools for both self- and co-regulation
  • A look at natural/logical consequences vs traditional punitive principles
Class Details:
  • 4-week series led by Rachel and Tim Steinmetz
    Saturday 10/08/22 10 am – both parents
    Wednesday 10/12/22 7pm – primary parent (both parents optional)
    Wednesday 10/19/22 7 pm – primary parent (both parents optional)
    Saturday 10/29/22  at 10 am – spouse/secondary parent (both parents optional)
  • Zoom option always available
  • Investment: $375 (including workbook)
*Childcare provided on-site for those who need it ($20 fee).
**Full and partial scholarships available


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