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Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Isolated? Once you have your precious little baby, your hormones are all over the place, you are adjusting to a completely new life and you are trying to be the best mother you can be. There is no handbook on how to to be a mother and how to raise a baby – our classes are here to offer you the support you need so you can grow into the mother you wish to be. Our goal is to help you get educated so you can feel comfortable and rely on your intuition in making the right choices for YOUR baby and YOUR family. We are here to listen to you, validate your feelings, educate you on important topics and most importantly, offer you a space where you can feel safe to vent, cry, laugh, connect and build your mommy tribe.

Our classes will change YOUR life – your relationship with your baby, your partner, your family and most importantly YOU. It is our passion to teach moms how to take care of yourself while still being an amazing mother and being there for your partner and loved ones. We work on releasing all those standards, expectations and fears because you know what – we all struggle with something; we all judge ourselves – so we can learn to be compassionate to ourselves, our baby and others.  We offer a nurturing environment where you can feel safe to share your feelings and experiences and discuss parenting choices that work for YOU. We are all moms and we get it ALL – if you’re late – it’s fine; if you’re in your jammies  – it’s fine; if you didn’t have time to brush your hair or put on make-up – who cares? We are here and we support YOU. 

It truly takes a village to raise a child so join us here to find your mommy tribe. Check out the classes below! 


Childbirth Classes Birthing 101 Orange County The Mommy Center

Birthing 101 (Birth Preparation Class)

Get ready for labor with our expert labor and delivery nurse Cami. Our childbirth classes will give you all the information you need so you can feel confident and prepared for YOUR big day. This is your opportunity to ask a labor and delivery nurse (and fellow mama of two) any questions you may have. Meet other pregnant moms who are going through the same.

group of moms and babies in south orange county taking classes at the mommy center

Mommy & Mini-Me
(Newborn Class 0-2 months)

Join a group of new mommies who are tired, confused, excited, terrified, exhausted and just soooooo overwhelmed with this new thing called MOTHERHOOD. Learn all about the stages on your infant from experts in the field. Connect with other moms and find your mommy tribe to get you through this incredible and challenging time.

group of moms and babies in south orange county taking classes at the mommy center

Mommy & Me
(Infant Class 3-6 months)

Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language, baby massage, sensory activities, music class, infant CPR and more.  

mommy and me class group of moms with babies

Mommy & Me Senior
(Baby Class 7-12 months)

Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language,  activities, music class, marriage support and more.  

mama, children, dance

Mommies Round 2 (For moms with 2+ children)

Join other moms who are learning how to adjust to mom life of two. Learn how to support your new baby while still being a great parent to your first child. Suggestions and tips are provided so you can feel confident as a mom of multiples. 

group of mommies with babies in mommy and me class

Mommy & Me Playgroup (Baby Class for 12-23 months)

Join us for a fun 6-week playgroup series to meet other moms, expose your baby to fun and engaging activities and offer an opportunity to socialize with other little ones. This class is designed for babies 12-23 month old. Activities will include books, songs, dancing, sensory play, and crafts. Bond with your baby, have fun, share the highs and lows of motherhood while making mama friends

mommy and me play group for 1-2 year olds explore

Chat 'N Play
(Toddler Class for 2-4 year olds)

This is a language enhancement class focusing on early PreK readiness skills and overall development. Our class is play-based so that your toddlers enjoy learning and have fun. Classes are designed to give you a deeper understanding of your toddler’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as to give you tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  

Dads & Beer (Daddy & Me Class )

It is finally here. A class just for the dads. Are you annoyed that your partner takes away the baby the second he cries? Do you constantly feel blamed for things? Do you miss intimacy with your partner? Are you stressing out about finances and providing for the family?

cpr baby safety class

Baby Safety 101 (Infant & Toddler CPR & Safety)

This CPR class is ideal for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone interested in learning the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, choking interventions, baby-proofing your house, and other preventative safety practices to follow with an infant or toddler.

Having a support system saved me during the first few months of motherhood. I truly couldn't have imagined life without my mommy friends and my teachers. It was a lifesaver!"

Wondering why to take a class?

mommy and me class group of moms with babies
Are you wondering if a mommy & me class is right for you and your baby? Taking a mommy & me class can transform your motherhood experience. We meet so many moms that struggle during the newborn phase but we also meet a ton of them that will tell you how much a mommy & me class helped them through those early stages! By joining a group of moms who have babies around the same age as yours, you get to connect, build life-long friendships and experience incredible support that is so vital.
The classes at The Mommy Center are particularly special. During the 10-week series, led by warm and compassionate hosts, leading experts in their fields will visit to share their knowledge so that you can thrive as a mother and boost your baby’s development. It is a great investment in not only your baby, but in your well being!
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