Mommy & Me Classes

Classes are organized by your baby's age.
You'll be able to relate to other moms who are going through the same stage of parenting as you.
Together, you'll laugh, cry, and exchange tips on how to survive those sleepless nights.

Get ready to have your mind blown! Our 10-week Mommy and Me series features Orange County’s top experts, who will educate you on essential postpartum topics. From sleep training to infant development, feeding to self-care, relationships to CPR, we’ve got you covered. You’ll come out of our series feeling like a supermom, ready to tackle anything parenthood throws your way.

Join a group of new mommies who are tired, confused, excited, terrified, exhausted and just soooooo overwhelmed with this new thing called MOTHERHOOD. Learn all about the stages on your infant from experts in the field. Connect with other moms and find your mommy tribe to get you through this incredible and challenging time. 
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Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language, baby massage, sensory activities, music class, infant CPR and more.  
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Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language,  activities, music class, marriage support and more.  
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Mommies to more than one baby, this is your class. Join other moms who are learning how to adjust to mom life of two. Learn how to support your new baby while still being a great parent to your first child. Suggestions and tips are provided so you can feel confident as a mom of multiples. Our speakers will give you the tools to manage behaviors of your first child and teach you how to support him/her transition to this new stage. 

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Are you looking for some fun and stimulating activities for your little ones over 1? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our sensory playgroup for 1-2 year olds, where your little munchkins can explore and learn through sensory play. And for your 2-4 year olds, we’ve got our Chat n Play class – our language enhancement and pre-K readiness class.

Explore In A Safe Space
Support Your Baby's Curiosity
Make Friends
Sensory Play & Social Skill Development

Calling all mamas and their curious little explorers! Join us for a six-week playgroup series filled with fun, engaging activities for your 1-2 year olds. Not only will your babies love it, but you’ll get the chance to meet other moms and create lifelong friendships.

We’ve got books, songs, dancing, sensory play, and crafts – you name it, we’ve got it! Bond with your baby while sharing the joys and struggles of motherhood with other like-minded moms. 
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Chat N’ Play is a language enhancement class focusing on early Pre K readiness skills and overall development. Our class is play-based so that your toddlers enjoy learning and have fun. It is the perfect way to expose your child to a semi-structured setting and getting them ready for Preschool. 

During this 4-week class, your toddler will learn about a new topic each week. Each class includes a check-in, good morning song, circle time, a book activity, a craft, a song and facilitated play.

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