Coregulated Parenting Class

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by:

•your tiny humans’ big feelings
•your partner’s lack of support
•your own inconsistency when trying to implement the advice you see online or in books

Then our Coregulated Parenting Masterclass is for you. With a look into what exactly “developmentally normal” behavior looks like for ages 1-5, this hands on workshop made for mom + dad, by a mom + dad aims to get you and your partner on the same page when it comes to implementing those logical and natural consequences, sharing the load, regulating yourselves in the moment and everything in between.

This personalized 2.5 hour workshop will answer your questions and give you the tools to end the cycles of frustration, break through with each other and with your kids.

(While you’re welcome to come solo, we highly encourage parents to come together)

Class Details:

  • 2.5 hour class  led by Rachel and Tim Steinmetz
  • Saturday 12/10/22 10 am 
  • Zoom option always available 
  • Investment: $98 
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