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Motherhood comes with no instructional menu. That’s why postpartum support is a must for all new moms. Our mommy and me classes are the perfect way to learn how to support your child’s development with the guidance of top-notch experts. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge, but you’ll also have a blast bonding with your child and you’ll get to meet other amazing moms who will become lifelong friends and support systems.

Who We Are

Our classes focus on not just supporting you through pregnancy and early motherhood, but also building a community of moms who are there for each other. Join us and experience the power of a supportive mom tribe!

Who Is It For?

Are you a mom who's determined to be the best parent you can be? Do you want to give your baby the best possible start in life and support their development every step of the way? Join us and discover a community of like-minded moms who are passionate about parenting, and ready to cheer each other on through the ups and downs of #momlife.

Classes For Every Stage Of Your Journey

Childbirth Classes Birthing 101 Orange County The Mommy Center

Get ready for labor with our expert labor and delivery nurse Cami. Our childbirth classes will give you all the information you need so you can feel confident and prepared for YOUR big day. This is your opportunity to ask a labor and delivery nurse (and fellow mama of two) any questions you may have. Meet other pregnant moms who are going through the same. Learn more here

baby, newborn, asleepBaby care 101 is a crash course for new parents, covering everything from diaper changes to feeding schedules, designed to help them navigate the joys and challenges of caring for a newborn.

Join a group of new mommies who are tired, confused, excited, terrified, exhausted and just soooooo overwhelmed with this new thing called MOTHERHOOD. Learn all about the stages on your infant from experts in the field. Connect with other moms and find your mommy tribe to get you through this incredible and challenging time. 
Learn more here

Join our infant class and gain a better understanding of your baby’s development, including speech/language and motor milestones. Plus, we’ll equip you with tools to tackle those tricky days of #momlife. This is your very own safe haven to open up, share your feelings, and even shed a tear or two. We’re here to offer support and provide a cozy and caring space just for you!

mommy and me class group new moms orange county

Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language,  activities, music class, marriage support and more.  
Learn more here

Mommies to more than one baby, this is your class. Join other moms who are learning how to adjust to mom life of two. Learn how to support your new baby while still being a great parent to your first child. Suggestions and tips are provided so you can feel confident as a mom of multiples. Our speakers will give you the tools to manage behaviors of your first child and teach you how to support him/her transition to this new stage. 

Learn more here.

mommy and me play group

Calling all mamas and their curious little explorers! Join us for a six-week playgroup series filled with fun, engaging activities for your 1-2 year olds. Not only will your babies love it, but you’ll get the chance to meet other moms and create lifelong friendships.

We’ve got books, songs, dancing, sensory play, and crafts – you name it, we’ve got it! Bond with your baby while sharing the joys and struggles of motherhood with other like-minded moms. 
Learn more here

mommy and me play group for 1-2 year olds explore

Chat N’ Play is a language enhancement class focusing on early Pre K readiness skills and overall development. Our class is play-based so that your toddlers enjoy learning and have fun. It is the perfect way to expose your child to a semi-structured setting and getting them ready for Preschool. 

During this 4-week class, your toddler will learn about a new topic each week. Each class includes a check-in, good morning song, circle time, a book activity, a craft, a song and facilitated play.

Learn more here

  • This CPR class is ideal for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone interested in learning the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, choking interventions, baby-proofing your house, and other preventative safety practices to follow with an infant or toddler.
  • This course begins with a discussion of the purpose and steps of CPR and the circumstances where it may be required, followed by a demonstration of the skills.
  • The instructor will guide you with a hands-on demonstration of CPR (feedback and critique will be provided until the student feels comfortable with the process). Students will also be taught the basics of airway obstruction and instruction on how to clear the obstruction. She will reinforce your new skill sets by introducing different scenarios in which a caregiver may find themselves.
  • After the CPR portion, the instructor will provide an essential review of safe practices in and out of the home to lower the risk of common accidents.
  • The class is 75 minutes long followed by Q&As
    Learn more here

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How Do The Classes Work?
Mommy & Me (0-12 Months)
Get a weekly dose of postpartum wisdom from top experts in our 10-week series that'll leave you feeling like a pro parent in no time
Organized By Age
Classes are organized by age, allowing you to connect and empathize with other mothers going through the same stage of motherhood as you.
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What Moms Are Saying

  •   So happy to see there is finally a place for moms in this part of Orange County. I took my 3.5 year old and 1 year old to the Mother's Day event and it was so cute-crafts for the kids, snacks, Mickey Mouse, lots of room to run and play. The best part was that I finally got to chat with other moms and get some much needed social time after a year of living through a pandemic with a toddler and newborn! I'm glad they are offering some outdoor events since that is what we are comfortable with right now. If you are a new mom I highly suggest going to a class or event because trust me, you NEED mom friends that have little kids the same age as yours. I literally would not survive without the moms I have met that are going through the same things as me right now. Looking forward to going to another event soon!

    thumb Allison S.

      I am currently a part of the "Mommy & Me" - 10 Week class for moms and their babies of 3-6 months of age.  It has been a truly wonderful experience.  Not only do we have the opportunity to meet other moms and their little ones, but we get to partner with various professionals to help us find solutions for our babies for topics such as sleep patterns, development milestones, attachment and bonding, etc.  We even invited our husbands (and/or partners) to one class to learn about how relationships change after a baby is born and ways to continue to have a healthy marriage and thrive as our families are growing. Cristina Gamarnik is the owner of the Mommy Center and is amazing! She is so welcoming and inviting. She wants all moms to know we are here for them through this community.  She has built a great environment for moms to connect and relate to one another. Having a baby is such a life changing event that having a safe, caring, open place to relate with other moms is so refreshing and needed! I'm so grateful that I found the Mommy Center during my maternity leave to be able to attend this session.  It is 100% worth the investment for yourself and your little one. She also offers sessions for working moms that has a Saturday weekly meeting day! If you're on the fence about this class, don't be! You'll create memories to last a lifetime and it's a great bonding experience for you and your little one.

    thumb Gaby V.
  •   I looked forward to my mommy center class every week. I called it my "mommy therapy".  I always left the class with my shoulders lower, my breathing slower and a smile on my face. The class I took was for second time moms and the person who lead most of the classes (Michelle) was just Phenomenal. She really cared about each individual mama and made sure to spend time developing each a plan when they needed it.

    The mommy center has redefined what a mommy group is all about. I highly recommend it to any mama's out there. The owner, Cristina, is just amazing at what she does and I've already signed my son up for another class! What a great experience!

    thumb Sherry E.

      I don't even know where to start. The mommy center is an amazing place for you and your baby to come. The sessions with Michelle make you feel like what you are going through are normal because to many new moms, motherhood is new and quite scary.  I really enjoyed going somewhere weekly and listening and taking about things we are going through so you never feel alone. They help you understand the things you should do to keep your baby and you safe .  I truly enjoyed my 10 week 0-3 month old group. I feel like it taught me a lot and have built friendships with other moms and babies that will last forever! Cristina is so creative with her group events and putting together classes that relate to your age group and she is always there for everyone. If you are thinking about joining, don't hesitate! You and your baby will have a great time and The Mommy Center will make the transition into motherhood a much smoother one! I wish they had more classes for working moms for 3-6 month so I could continue.

    thumb Ashley F.
  •   The mommy center has a class for anyone in any stage or season you are going through. I just became a mom of two and desperately needed help. I joined the round 2 mommy class and received soooo many amazing tips and tricks. It also allowed me to be in a room with mamas who knew exactly what I was going through. Sleep deprivation, sore nipples, anxiety, toddler tantrums..we talk about it all! It's such a sacred place where for one hour a week you can let your guard down and be amongst your tribe. I am going to be honest and state that price may be a factor for some. But Cristina is amazing and she runs a lot of specials, giveaways and has a great heart. Do not let finances keep you from joining this great group of moms. Cristina also hosts a lot of free and outdoor events that can be instrumental in giving you the lift you need to get through a hard day. No matter what you are going through you are not alone. Come join a group of mamas that can support you in this stage of your life!

    thumb Dominique H.

      I took the second time mommy class and honestly, it was a life saver! I looked forward to every class and really learned more than I thought I would. The class was a safe space to vent and cry, which was much needed. Michele, who led most of the classes, was awesome. Highly recommend!

    thumb Alana Z.
  •   My son and I took the 6-12 months 10 week course and loved it. The topics covered in each week was super helpful. The highlight of course is taking the classes with other mamas and their precious bebes. It's a safe space with protected time to grow with other moms while you spend time with your child. Another huge plus is the owner, Cristina. She is beautiful inside and out. She understands the both the ups and downs of motherhood so she is passionate about her business: the babies and their mamas!

    thumb Esther J.

      I recently attended the Mommy Center's Mother's Day event and was blown away by the planning and attention to detail that has been put into this event! Cristina goes the extra mile to make sure that all moms feel welcomed, included and taken care of. As a mom herself, Cristina gets it and really pours her heart into each event and class. All of the kids had a blast doing crafts, playing games and seeing Mickey Mouse! I enjoyed connecting with other moms and sharing the ups and downs of motherhood along with some good laughs. I am so excited to see all that this business has to offer moms and feel fortunate to be included in this tribe of supportive women.

    thumb Megan R.

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