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The Mommy Center is your home for all things motherhood. We offer support, schooling, socialization and self-development for all moms. This is a warm and nurturing place where we help you be the mom that YOU want to be. Every mom is accepted without judgement and can feel safe to share all her feelings and experiences while making long-lasting friendships. We offer a variety of services including Mommy and Me Classes, Positive Parenting Classes, Chat’ N Play Classes, Speech and Language BOOST Workshops, Sleep Consulting, Playdates, Moms’ Night Outs, Parents’ Nights, Moms’ Retreats and more.

As Featured in Parenting OC Magazine & Voyage LA Magazine

mommy center featured in oc parenting magazine
mommy center featured in voyage la magazine

"Cristina Gamarnik is the owner of the Mommy Center and is amazing! She is so welcoming and inviting. She wants all moms to know we are here for them through this community. She has built a great environment for moms to connect and relate to one another. Having a baby is such a life changing event that having a safe, caring, open place to relate with other moms is so refreshing and needed! I'm so grateful that I found the Mommy Center during my maternity leave to be able to attend this session. It is 100% worth the investment for yourself and your little one. She also offers sessions for working moms that has a Saturday weekly meeting day! If you're on the fence about this class, don't be! You'll create memories to last a lifetime and it's a great bonding experience for you and your little one."

Gaby V.

mommy and me class with a group of new moms and their babies playing, clapping hands

What Our Mamas Are Saying

  •   100% recommend this class to all mamas!! I did the 0-3 month newborn class. I learned so much invaluable information from the speakers and the other moms. I have made lasting friendships with a group of empowering moms and their littles. We have already started fun traditions, walking dates, and lunches together. I am so grateful to have the support of this community! I can't wait to take the 3-6 month class!! Can't imagine starting motherhood any other way!!

    thumb Hannah W.

      Im so glad that a place for moms is back up and running in south oc. The classes are a great way to make new friends. The director and teachers are great. If you're a new mom, you need this!

    thumb KyraAnne G.
  •   The mommy center has a class for anyone in any stage or season you are going through. I just became a mom of two and desperately needed help. I joined the round 2 mommy class and received soooo many amazing tips and tricks. It also allowed me to be in a room with mamas who knew exactly what I was going through. Sleep deprivation, sore nipples, anxiety, toddler tantrums..we talk about it all! It's such a sacred place where for one hour a week you can let your guard down and be amongst your tribe. I am going to be honest and state that price may be a factor for some. But Cristina is amazing and she runs a lot of specials, giveaways and has a great heart. Do not let finances keep you from joining this great group of moms. Cristina also hosts a lot of free and outdoor events that can be instrumental in giving you the lift you need to get through a hard day. No matter what you are going through you are not alone. Come join a group of mamas that can support you in this stage of your life!

    thumb Dominique H.

      Cristina has created a wonderful place of community for moms and babies. My daughter and I signed up for the 0-3 class but unfortunately were only able to attend one class as my daughters colic was terrible & I couldn't manage taking her each week. Cristina was incredibly considerate and helpful throughout that time. I signed up for the 3-6 and enjoyed all 10 weeks of the class. I've made life long friends and my daughter has been able to socialize each week during this isolated Covid time. Class sizes are small, activities are specific to the topic at hand, and presenters are well qualified to discuss the topics at hand. Michelle is the best! My personal favorite topics covered were sleep, feeding, and sensory/motor development. Mom activities such as moms night out and macrame nights are also organized. Cristina is organized and on top of it. She answers questions promptly and has busted her behind to get this business going for moms in oc. Thank you Cristina! I am excited to start the 6-12 class with my daughter.

    thumb Shirin S.
  •   I took the second time mommy class and honestly, it was a life saver! I looked forward to every class and really learned more than I thought I would. The class was a safe space to vent and cry, which was much needed. Michele, who led most of the classes, was awesome. Highly recommend!

    thumb Alana Z.

      Tonight my husband and I took Cristina's birthing 101 class and we loved it! She had a labor and delivery nurse explain what to expect when delivering, breast feeding, etc. and a pelvic floor pt teach us about things we can start doing now to try and have an "easy" delivery. It was so informative and it was so great meeting new expecting moms in south county! We would highly recommend it! We're looking forward to her mommy and me classes when we have our little girl in the fall!

    thumb Cathy K.
  •   My husband and I just took the birthing class last night at Perskpective studio. It was extremely informative by providing information that your doctor or nurse wouldn't prepare you for. From normalizing the shakes to what slippers to bring, the guest nurse really covered a lot of info. At the end, Christina (owner of The Mommy Center)  brought in a pelvic floor specialist!  We were so grateful to be able to join a community of other pregnant couples and share common concer

    thumb Kristen D.

      The mommy center has changed my life! I have a daughter enrolled in the 6-9 month class and every week we look forward to going and playing with the other moms and babies.  The instructors they bring in are so informative and provide me with the tools to be the best momma I can to my daughter.  Love this class and highly recommend to anyone who's considering going!

    thumb Mary B.

Our 4 Ss To Help You Grow

our 4 ss

Our Mommy and Me Classes

Newborn Class at The Mommy Center

Mommy & Mini-Me
(Newborn Class 0-3 months)

Join a group of new mommies who are tired, confused, excited, terrified, exhausted and just soooooo overwhelmed with this new thing called MOTHERHOOD. Learn all about the stages on your infant from experts in the field. Connect with other moms and find your mommy tribe to get you through this incredible and challenging time.

mommy and me infant classes

Mommy & Me
(Infant Class 3-6 months)

Classes are designed to give you deeper understanding of your baby’s development, speech/language and motor milestones, as well as give yo tools to manage the difficult days of #momlife.  Topics include sign language, baby massage, sensory activities, music class, infant CPR and more.  

speech and language boost at the Mommy Center Orange County

Speech & Language Boost Workshop (Best for parents of 1-2 year olds)

Learn all about speech and language developmental milestones and what you can do to boost your child language skills. Get activity ideas from a certified Speech and Language Pathologist while having fun. You will learn effective methods and proven strategies to promote speech and language development as you interact with your child at home and during everyday activities. 

Positive Parenting Classes at The Mommy Center

Positive Parenting Class
(Best for parents of 1-5 year olds)

If you feel like every day is a battle between you and your little one, then this class is for you. Learn how to win the toddler parenting stage with helpful and proven techniques. End the power struggles and starts feeling confident in your parenting game. 

Second times mommy

Mommies Round 2 (For moms with 2+ children)

Join other moms who are learning how to adjust to mom life of two. Learn how to support your new baby while still being a great parent to your first child. Suggestions and tips are provided so you can feel confident as a mom of multiples. 

Chat N' Play Classes The Mommy Center Orange County

Chat N’ Play – Language/Pre k Prep (For moms and toddlers ages 18-36 months)

Is your little one ready to join a fun, interactive, and educational group created by a certified and licensed speech and language pathologist and preschool teacher? This program offers a weekly 60 minute class for toddlers while mommies get to have a break and chat. Classes are designed to stimulate speech and language development, fine motor development and boost preschool readiness skills through play and fun activities. 

You’re a bad mom! Let’s stop judging and comparing - You are the BEST MOM

It’s hard being a mom. But in today’s society it’s even harder with all the judgement and opinions that people have. It’s almost impossible to do something right.

You formula feed? Oh my god! Why would you do that? How dare you breastfeed in public? This is unacceptable. What, you stay home? How convenient you just get to sit at home and watch your baby while your husband works. Your baby is in daycare? Why would you leave you baby and go to work? Why did you even have a baby then?

You just can’t do it right. Moms are scrutinized for all their parenting decisions: Moms who co-sleep, moms who sleep train.  Moms who vaccinate and those who don’t. Moms who home school and moms who have kids in public school. Moms who rock their babies and moms who wear their babies.

It seems like nowadays moms are judged for every decision they make. Starting with pregnancy, women are told that they eat too much/too little, they exercise too much/ not enough, they drink too much coffee, have too much fish, don’t eat enough vegetables, or eat too much ice cream. Our choices are our choices. But for some reason, people think they need to have an opinion and need to share that opinion with us.

Whether it is you choosing to get an epidural or go natural, there will be plenty of people who will criticize your decision.

One of the biggest challenges women face are related to feeding their babies. Moms who aren’t breastfeeding are shamed for using formula. People just assume that the mom chose to formula feed instead of breastfeeding, which is often not the case. Doctors, media and society in general supports breastfeeding as “breast is best”. How about all the moms who are not able to breastfeed? On top of having a medical reason not being able to breastfeed, they have to feel the shame and guilt of not feeding their baby “the best” although they would like to. Other moms choose not to breastfeed because it just isn’t for them. And that is ok. It is their choice to make. Often times however, pumping and feeding your baby are much harder and really time consuming. It is not easier. Just like formula feeding is not faster and easier. It takes much more time to prepare all the items needed, fill the bottles, feed the baby, wash the parts and the bottles and repeat. Breastfeeding on the other hand takes half the time. People tend to jump to the worst conclusions but there is usually an important reason for the choice that moms make.

Now moms that do choose to breastfeed and are successful are shamed and judged for doing that in public. They are asked to feed their baby in bathrooms. Would you like to have your sushi or steak on the toilet? I wouldn’t. Since when is providing your child with nutrition unacceptable? It’s sad that a “normalize breastfeeding” movement even exists considering that breastfeeding is one of the most basic, natural and biological ways to nourish your child whether it is at home or in public. And even though the breastfeeding journey can be painful and challenging, it’s a miracle to be able to feed your baby whether it is through pumping/bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. There is nothing inappropriate about a baby nursing. It is not unreasonable to feed your baby at the park or restaurant. Of course there are nursing covers that moms can use but what if you forgot it? Now you need to go to the bathroom? No, there shouldn’t be a reason not to feed your baby discretely next to everyone else.

Us mamas are already sleep deprived, stressed, scared, worried, overworked, overwhelmed, hormonal, healing and the last thing we need is to be judged. Passive aggressive comments, unsolicited advise, and name calling has become part of motherhood. It’s sad that in today’s society, instead of being lifted up and praised for the good work we are doing, we are usually offered suggestions on how to be better or tips on what we should do instead.

You are enough and you don’t need anyone to tell you that. Even though it’s totally normal to get stuck in the comparison trap, you can do better. Just take a moment each day to take a break, pat yourself on the shoulder and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and that you are GOOD ENOUGH.

As a society, we need to think about this and realize that we are all in this together. We are all doing our best and raising children who will be working together, become friends, have relations and have kids of their own some day. We need to strive to be better about setting appropriate standards and truly supporting each other and respecting each other’s decisions. Motherhood is not a competition and there is no “one way”. As long as the child is safe, every mom is doing the best she can. She does what she believes is best for her and her family. We need to accept that. Being a mom is a very difficult job and we don’t need to make it even harder. So next time you see a mama, tell her what a good job she is doing!

Join us at The Mommy Center to find your tribe of mothers who will support you, encourage you and celebrate YOU!

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